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Where to dine in Nice, South of France

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Where to dine in Nice? France’s second largest city and home to some great local restaurants. We’ve spent the last five years holidaying in Nice, usually staying at the Negresco Hotel. As you’d expect from my blog title, food is one of our major obsessions and we are always trying to balance finding new restaurants to try in Nice whilst…

Street Art Austin - Wille Nelson

Street Art in Austin, Texas

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I’m a big fan of street art. Particularly in sunny climes where the large canvasses and bold colors work so much better than here in the UK. ‘m not sure if it is the weather, or the culture that breeds these large canvasses but you don’t get anything comparable here at home. On my last visit to Austin Texas, I…

Hotel California Album cover location
Rodeo Austin

Let’s go to the Rodeo!

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One my last night of SXSW a group of friends suggested a trip to the Rodeo Austin. I’ve never been to the Rodeo before, but I hope to go again… About 40 minutes North of Austin is Rodeo Austin (not, for some reason ‘Austin Rodeo’…) During March and April Rodeo Austin hold a series of evenings that combine some rodeo…

Ready Player One SXSW Poster

Ready Player One at SXSW

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Ready Player One is the latest movie from Steven Spielberg, based on the amazing book by¬†Ernest Cline. One of this year’s highlights at SXSW was the immersive experience to promote the move, Ready Player One. I secured a VIP visit to this amazing experience. Here is what I found…