Happiness is Easy

Talk Talk The Colour of Spring

I was listening to this week’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist on Spotify and on came ‘Happiness is Easy’, by Talk Talk. I hadn’t heard that song in ages. For a long time, I only new it as one of the final tracks on their greatest hits album, ‘Natural History’, a CD I played to death as […]

The Moore Homestead, Skagway

The Moore Homestead Skagway

The Moore Homestead was the very first home built in Skagway as the Gold Rush started to take hold. Captain William Moore and his son J. Bernard (Ben) Moore settled in this valley to capitalize on a future gold rush. Their struggles to adapt to the changes brought by an overwhelming tide of people reflect […]

Room at the top

Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver Bee Hives

The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel is one of Vancouver’s greatest hotels. We checked in for two nights staying in their top floor Harbor View Suite. In June/July 2018 we embarked on an Alaskan Cruise adventure taking us from Vancouver to [almost] Anchorage and back. We planned to arrive in Vancouver a few days before the cruise […]