Luxury Travel Blogger

Luxury Travel blogger

Hello! My name is Jamie, I am delighted to meet you! By day I am a successful digital entrepreneur. By night, I am a luxury travel blogger – or maybe that’s a luxury lifestyle blogger.

I started this site as a hobby to combine my passions of luxury travel, great food & restaurants and music. Since a young age, I have enjoyed travelling and exploring new places. My first holiday destinations were in the UK then venturing to the South of France as my parents became succesful. As a teenager, I’d hop a flight to Paris and enjoy wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere.

As I have got older, and more succesful I’ve increasingly come to enjoy more luxurious travelling where the journey and the hotel become integral parts of the holiday. When I spend long hours at my desk, I often flick through my photos and remember those amazing times we have spent as a family. When it is cold and wet in England, I will try to remember walking on a beach so hot you could burn your feet, or the light at sunset in Palm Springs or the smell of freshly cooked food in the South of France.

So, what is a luxury travel blogger?

Put simply it is someone that blogs about luxury travel.

“OK, so define luxury travel” I hear you say…

For me luxury travel is the finer things in life. It is flying in a decent cabin in the airplane – First or Premium Economy will do. I’m too old/tall/heavy to be stuck at the back. It is about staying in hotels with amazing views and great service. But most importantly, it is about space, and time. Space for me to find peace and tranquility away from the rat race and time to enjoy my trip, to sit for an hour and watch the sunset. It is about getting there quicker not always cheaper.

If you spend any time on Instagram you’ll see lots of pictures about the ‘millionaire lifestyle’ or even the ‘billionaire lifestyle’ which seems to be about drinking Cristal and driving fast cars, preferably with a young man/woman on your arm wearing next to nothing. That kind of lifestyle is just fantasy for all but a handful of people. If you take a walk down the marina in Cannes, to see some of the most expensive yachts, and you happen to spy the owner, he or she will probably be on the ‘phone. Working hard.

For most successful people, the lifestyle is work really hard for most of the day/week/month and then escape for a break and a recharge. That is what it is for me. You won’t see me blog about those topics, or share those pictures on Instagram because they are boring.

What you will see is me share some of my experiences on my travels. I hope to blog about topics I would like to know about, like “what is it like to stay at Chateau Marmont” – a place I had been fascinated by for years. I have been fortunate to stay in some amazing places, and eat in some fantastic restaurants. I am equally happy eating in the local iHop or grabbing a baguette from a Parisian bakery.

As a Luxury Travel blogger, I aim to relive and share some of my experiences. I hope in some little way to inspire you to travel and seek out these amazing places.

Do I consider myself as a Luxury Travel Influencer? I will leave that to other people wiser than me to define if I am influential or not. My non WTS profiles are deemed influential if you take measures like followers or size of audience. But such metrics can be ephemeral. I am happy being a luxury travel blogger and we can take it from there!

What can you expect on my luxury travel blog?

With every blog article, I try to tell a story, try to share what I have seen and hopefully inspire you to seek out some of these places. With luxury hotels like Chateau Marmont, or Le Negresco in Nice, I try to share what it is like to stay here. If I can find a great restaurant I want to share the experience, the taste and help you find out more about the place.

And music.. you might find quite a few posts about music. I love listening to music and to learning the stories behind them, so I sometimes try and share those stories. I don’t really listen to a lot of ‘new’ music but love discovering older bands from the 60’s and 70’s or classic albums, like Hotel California that I have come to later in life.

You may also find a few articles on my other passion of movies/films and photos in here too!

More About Me

Favourite Destination: France

Favourite City: Paris

Favourite Hotel: Le Negresco, Nice

Favourite Restaurant: Chevre D’Or, Eze

Favourite Airline: Virgin Atlantic

Favourite Gadget: Currently revisiting my DSLR although I always have a new gadget on the go!

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