Totem Poles in Stanley Park


The Stanley Park totem poles in Vancouver simply are a must-see. On our second day in Vancouver, the shone down so we headed straight to the park! In place since 2008, these historic replicas are now Vancouver’s top tourist destination.

Dusk in Bath


The Georgian City of Bath is one of my favourite places to visit. It offers a wonderful combination of stunning architecture, great restaurants and shops. At night, after dinner we like to take a stroll through the city and up to the Royal Crescent, or down to the River at Pulteney Bridge. This last bank … Continue reading “Dusk in Bath”

Two Royal Nights In York


Whenever I travel to a new place, I try and stick to some ground rules. Don’t sleep in a hotel opposite the railway station, don’t drink in a pub with a flat roof… those type of things. We booked the Royal York Hotel (York, UK) not realising its location next to the mainline railway station…