Is this the end of Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic LHR Terminal 3

Virgin Atlantic has been my favourite airline for the past 20 years flying my family and I all around the world. New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tobago, Hong Kong, Sydney and more. A flight with Virgin was always part of the experience.

We always thought Virgin Atlantic was that bit cooler than BA – the challenger brand vs the establishment. It was an experience from beginning to end, not just in the air.

They flew me to New York for the first time, and every subsequent trip. I remember drinking G&T in the JFK Clubhouse, chatting to a fellow passenger about George Harrison and watching the ‘live debate’ from the West Wing.

I loved the Upper Class bar on board. Flying alone I never quote had the courage to pop up for a drink myself, something I will now do if I get the chance.

In 2009, we flew Virgin Atlantic Upper Class all the way to Australia. We then picked up Virgin Australia and flew all over that beautiful country before heading home. We must have taken 10 different Virgin Flights in three weeks – every one a memorable experience.

They were our carrier out to Los Angeles for Desert Trip, another landmark trip in our lifetime.

Right now there are bigger challenges facing the world that have to be solved first. But I for one hope to be flying with them again one day.

Peace & Love

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