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Vogue Covers are still the most iconic Magazine moment in the world. it is still a buzz when a new model, actress or Muse gets their first cover. Some of the most famous Vogue covers, not just their stars, are now iconic in their own right.

I have lived with a house full of Vogues for over twenty years now. My wife has been collected them since her teens and the collection continues to grow, with the addition of Vogue Paris and sometimes Vogue Italia too.

Over the years I became interested in the art of a Vogue cover and started a popular Pinterest board, dedicated to the art of a Vogue cover. I thought it would be fun to share a few facts about the Vogue covers, and some of my favourite covers.

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Facts about Vogue Covers

First Vogue Cover

Vogue was first published in 1892, in North America. It was intended to become a weekly magazine, targeted at New York’s Upper Class. The magazine was to feature the glamour and ‘scene’ much like Tatler, or Harper’s bazaar would do today. 

First Vogue Cover Colour Photograph The first  cover to feature a colour photograph was July July, 1932 Edward Steichen’s image of a swimmer holding a beach ball in the air.

1959 was the first year all the covers were photographic.

Sophia Lauren Vogue Cover

Sophia Loren was the first ‘celebrity’ to become a Cover star in May 1961, even if it was just her eyes! 

Princess Diana Vogue Cover

Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco, Diana Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge (technically, she is a princess) are just three of the most famous Royal faces to grace a cover. 

American Actress Lauren Hutton has the most Vogue US covers (26). Kate Moss has only eight, Gisele has 11.  

Lauren Hutton Vogue Cover Lauren hutton Ageless Vogue Cover

Lauren’s latest Vogue cover was for Vogue Italia in 2017, at the age of 73

Gisele’s cover with Robbie Williams for Vogue London was  just one of the many controversial covers the Magazine has published. A naked, pregnant Demi Moore was also ahead of its time. 

giselle-and-robbie Vogue Cover

My Favourite Vogue Covers

I like these Vogue covers for their striking looks and clarity of the clarity of image, letting you see both the outfit and the cover star.

Kate Moss – British Vogue cover June 2013 

Kate Moss Vogue Cover June 2013

I love the pastel colours, a sign that Spring is moving into summer! 

Irina Shayk Vogue Spain – September 2018. Just a beautiful red Gucci dress and little else. 

Irina Shyk Vogue Cover

Penelope Cruz, Vogue Espana Cover December 2016

Penelope Cruz Testino Vogue Spain cover

I love the Burberry Coat and the ‘half and half’ style of the shoot. 

What are your favourite Vogue covers?

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