Happiness is Easy

Talk Talk The Colour of Spring

I was listening to this week’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist on Spotify and on came ‘Happiness is Easy’, by Talk Talk. I hadn’t heard that song in ages.

For a long time, I only new it as one of the final tracks on their greatest hits album, ‘Natural History’, a CD I played to death as a teenager.

Talk Talk Natural History

Only about 12 years ago did I discover the album it comes from, ‘Colour of Spring’ . I’d known about Talk Talk for a long time, I had their album ‘The Party’s Over’ on cassette but for some reason I’d never chased them down the rabbit hole.

Talk Talk The Party's Over

But then I finally played the album and I was off down that rabbit hole of melancholy and introspection. The album opens with ‘Happiness is Easy’ which could be labelled a ‘depressing’ song and goes deeper from there.

Talk Talk The Colour of Spring

It envelops like a comfort blanket of sound that makes you feel safe to be introspective and quiet for a brief 45 minutes. The second track, “I don’t believe in you” keeps you on that path into the rabbit hole as the album briefly pulls you back with ‘poppier’ numbers like ‘Life’s What You Make It’ and ‘Living In Another World’ before signing off with ‘Time It’s Time’ another mildly upbeat track that’s equally gloomy.

Writing this forced me to read the lyrics to some of their tracks. It struck me as odd, because I usually always read the lyrics of my favourite tracks but for some reason I hadn’t. Maybe the whole atmosphere of the album is what I crave, not the meaning of lyrics this time. 

At 45 minutes, it is over before you realise you’ve been list in there for just a little while. Like a drug, I guess, when you get to the end and there is only one thing for it. Play it from the again start and stay in the warm comfort of melancholy.

You may change the definitions of ‘depressing’ and ‘melancholy’ to something more fitting but sometimes it is nice to be quiet and introspective. A little ‘me time’ doesn’t mean there is anything wrong and ‘The Colour of Spring’ is the perfect accompaniment.

I’m off down the rabbit hole…