Cocktails & Drams at the Edinburgh Epicurean

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cocktails in Edinburgh

A recent visit to Edinburgh for some speaking engagements gave us the perfect excuse for a night out with some old friends.

We’d booked for dinner at Cucina in the G&V hotel off the Royal Mile. The G&V had come highly recommended, and I’d heard they had a good bar there too. So we pushed the table reservation back and reserved a table in the bar for kicking off the evening.

“The Epicurean bar takes inspiration from the Scottish Colourists; four post-impressionist painters who crossed the late-Victorian and Georgian era, bringing French and Mediterranean influences into Edinburgh and formatively influencing contemporary Scottish art and culture.The Scottish Colourists are among Scotland’s most cherished artists, beloved of gallery-goers and collectors alike.”

The beautiful bar is decorated with artwork from artist Joanna Srokol. Split into different sections from non-alcoholic beverages (we skipped those) to Barley drinks and an extensive G&T menu; we certainly had plenty to choose.

Images from the Epicurean Bar Menu

The atmosphere on a Friday night was buzzing but relaxed. There were plenty of groups to start the evening and professional couples relaxing at the end of a hard week. The music playing was loud enough to add an atmosphere but not get in the way of old friends catching up.

Table service meant we could easily ‘taste’ our way through the menu, with a focus on the gin cocktails. Our table reservation was pushed back twice (no probem, they said) as we were enjoying ourselves too much in the bar.

In fact, the bar was so good, I can’t remember much about dinner. We had a great dinner (I remember that!) and came back down to the bar to keep chatting into the wee small hours.

Next time you’re in Edinburgh and looking for a great vibe then do pop into the Epicurean. You can be assured of a great welcome and great drinks!

Jamie is a luxury travel blogger and the creator of Wine Travel and Song. You can find him on a ‘plane with a head full of music or in the pages of this blog! Next Stops; Tel Aviv, Paris and TBD!