Rodeo Austin

Let’s go to the Rodeo!

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One my last night of SXSW a group of friends suggested a trip to the Rodeo Austin. I’ve never been to the Rodeo before, but I hope to go again… About 40 minutes North of Austin is Rodeo Austin (not, for some reason ‘Austin Rodeo’…) During March and April Rodeo Austin hold a series of evenings that combine some rodeo…

Ready Player One SXSW Poster

Ready Player One at SXSW

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Ready Player One is the latest movie from Steven Spielberg, based on the amazing book by Ernest Cline. One of this year’s highlights at SXSW was the immersive experience to promote the move, Ready Player One. I secured a VIP visit to this amazing experience. Here is what I found…

Chateau Marmont - Movie Location

Chateau Marmont – on screen

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Chateau Marmont on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip is iconic not just for the movie stars that have stayed (and died) there but also as an iconic location for movie scenes. After staying at the Chateau in 2016, I wanted to see more of it on the silver screen. There are a few sites with some information about movies or scenes…

Texas State Cemetery - flag

A Sort of of Homecoming

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One cold bright march morning, I stumbled across the Texas State Cemetery. I was attending a SXSW session at the Prohibition Creamery and, as I sat listening to the speakers, I couldn’t take my gaze away from the beautiful cemetery across the road. From where I sat, I could see the pristine green turf against the bright blue sky. The…

Coffee in the library

Coffee & Cwtsh in Wales

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About half way up the A470 on our trip on our road trip North towards Snowdonia and Bodysgallen Hotel & Spa is the town of Bulith Wells. Standing at the confluence of the River Wye and the River Irfon, in the Welsh (or Upper) section of the Wye Valley this small town has grown from its strategic position crossing the river, somewhere you cannot miss travelling North…