Dine in Paris
Coachella Sunset

Dreaming of a Desert Trip

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One stage. Six concerts. Three nights. Desert Trip billed itself as a once in a lifetime event. Big words perhaps but with this line-up, few could argue with it. Sharing the same location as the annual Coachella festival – leading it to acquire the nickname ‘Oldchella’ due to its contrast to its unbelievably-hip long-established sibling – Desert Trip was held at The…

Amazon Echo with Alexa

Living with Alexa

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Have you met Alexa? Maybe you know her friends, Siri, Cortana or Google. Alexa is the voice behind Amazon’s massively successful Echo, the cylinder shaped object that plays music, orders your shopping or dims the lights by the power of your voice. You are probably more familiar with Apple’s Siri, the voice activated assistant on your iPhone. Alexa, Siri, Google…

U2 desert Trip

Will U2 Headline Desert Trip in 2017?

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At the very end of 2016, U2 posted a cryptic video promising a new album and some “very special shows coming” to honour 30 years since the release of The Joshua Tree. Given that the album release will happen, maybe, by the end of the first quarter, and the Johsua Tree release date was in March 1987, that would mean…

Bath Restaurants

Top 10 Restaurants in Bath

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As regular ‘weekenders’ to Bath, we spent a lot of time eating out. The city has no shortage of restaurants to choose from and there is always a new place to try every time we are in town. However, there are a number of restaurants we go back to time and time again. For us, these make up the current…