Alaska Bound

Alaska Cruise

It is finally time to get excited about our Alaska Cruise. This is set to be our second cruise with Crystal Cruises (which is also our second cruise ever) on a bigger ship and to a cooler climate.

Cruise Alaska MapOur first cruise was aboard the Crystal Espirit, at the time their newest and smallest ship. Well more of a large yacht really as it took just 100 passengers. We had cruised down from Venice to Dubrovnik at the height of the Dolomite summer.

This time we are picking up the Crystal Symphony in Vancouver for a round trip to Anchorage. We’ll be cruising the inside and outside passage, stopping at Prince Rupert, Skagway and Anchorage.

We are looking forward to a great fortnight at sea with plenty to see and do. We’ve probably booked too many excursions but hope to see Humpback Whales, Sea Otters and Bears. Maybe some Wolves and Huskies too!

I still don’t know what clothes to pack as the weather looks to be on par with England, and not the cold I was expecting. That said, we are visiting the Klondike Mine and ’40 Below’ which might need a jacket! I’ve packed the technology though – I want to ensure no part of this journey is knowingly undocumented!

First we need to fly to Vancouver, another city to tick off my list. From what I have read, and been told, ‘Van’ is a great city with some great culture and places to eat. No doubt I will be posting more upon my return.

All Aboard!

Jamie is a luxury travel blogger and the creator of Wine Travel and Song. You can find him on a ‘plane with a head full of music or in the pages of this blog! Next Stops; Tel Aviv, Paris and TBD!

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