Riviera: Sexy Skullduggery in the South of France

Riviera is the latest blockbuster Television Series from Sky TV, showing on Sky Atlantic here in the UK.

As major fans of the South of France and movies (have you seen this list?) we just had to watch this.

The story opens focuses around newlywed Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles – Jason Bourne, Dexter) as she starts to unravel her late husband’s life, wealth and connections.

Had her husband, Constantine been involved with the Riviera underworld?

As Georgina follows the threads of Constantine’s life, she starts to suspect his family may also have been complicit in these dealings. With Europol and the local cops chasing her husband’s legacy, Georgina needs to work understand if Constantine had been murdered and what has happened to the money?

Riviera Julia Stiles and Adrian Lester

As ‘stepmum’ to a grown, and spoilt, family she increases suspects the eldest son may be involved in the dodgy dealings which are exasperated by his secrecy and growing drug habit. The continued presence of, and interference by the glamorous ex Wife (Lena Olin) only adds to the intrigue and tension.

Set across 10 episodes, the series takes you through the highs and lows of the South of France. The family villa, set in the hills above Grasse sets a wonderful base for the family as we follow them around Nice, Monte Carlo and out onto the Mediterranean sea.

The series concept was from Paul McGuinness (former U2 Manager) and writer Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) so it has some credible vision behind it.

Riviera South of France

Other reviews have said the series lacks credibility as the former art dealer (Julia Stiles) goes from naive wife to ‘gun toting bitch’ in just a few episodes.

We thought the whole series was believable, as the fundamental beliefs she had based her life upon started to unravel.

Expect glamorous events, beautiful outfits and plenty of Cote D’Azur sunshine.

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